Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fondulac District Library

Fondulac District Library in East Peoria, IL, was a very exciting project that I worked on during my time with PSA Dewberry. This project called for a new library facility to be built on the location of the current facility, which has become outdated. You can see the proposed floorplans and layout below.

I am extremely pleased with the final model, built by Brett Pudik and myself. This model is extremely detailed and could not have been any better. This helped in getting PSA Dewberry several more large scale detailed models including the new Bradley University Sports Complex, the Illinois State University Basketball Arena, and also an enormous and insanely detailed model of the Caterpillar Tractors assembly line.

Unfortunately, as is often the case in this industry, the library board recently changed their expansion plans drastically by moving the location of the new library facility to a different site , adjacent to the new city hall. However, if you want to see the model in person it is currently on display in the basement storage closet of Fondulac's current facility.

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